Multilingual Website

By 2021, there would be a total of 735 million internet users in India and 536 million of them would want to browse the internet in their own language. Therefore, approximately 73% of the internet users in India want to browse the World Wide Web in their own language. It is important to note that with the rise of digital marketing there is a saturation in the urban market. Language is now starting to develop as a main strategy and marketing medium and websites are key a key tool in the space of digital marketing. It is therefore very important to understand the benefits that multilingual websites bring to a business.

Multilingual Website

Ever-Expanding Reach

Any of the best website design agency in India at the moment would understand the value that a multilingual website brings to the table. One of the best examples of this is the website of Mahindra Finance. A multilingual website has helped Mahindra Finance to reach out to a greater audience especially during this pandemic. With the urban population being saturated, businesses have now turned their focus on Tier II and III cities along with rural areas. 65% of India’s population still lives in the rural areas. Apart from certain remote areas, all of these places have access to the internet. It is no surprise that to reach out to this section of the population, a multilingual website can come in very handy. When businesses were looking to speeden their digital transformation in 2020 Mahindra Finance benefited a great deal from their evolved move!

A multilingual website not only focuses on a wider range of customers but also addresses them simultaneously. It is undeniable that almost every business nowadays has a website.Therefore, for any business to reach out to a greater number of audience without having to spend more on traditional marketing, they need to invest in a multilingual website.

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Customer is the Center of Everything

The core objective for any of the top ui ux design agencies is that they want their client’s digital resources to be customer-centric. The main reason that agencies thrive is that they understand the importance of a well curated User-Experience that any customer expects from their website. Having a website in multiple languages automatically increases the experience that a customer or visitor has from their website. It is therefore, a very important approach to digital marketing. Multilingual websites often prove to potential customers that they are at the center of the business’ thought process.

It is important to understand that the business garners a high reputation once this thought process enters the mind of the customer. The availability of information and content in native language puts any business in a favourable light and helps to build trust within the customer.

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Ahead of the Curve

It is no secret that in any kind of business everybody wants to outdo their competition. The best way to do this is through a multilingual website. The idea of a multilingual, if done correctly and before any competition increases the potential of any business. It also helps to build an impression on the TG and establishes a different approach that a brand can take to their business. A great example of this would be Hindustan Coca Cola Beverages, where communication is centered around a people showcase. Our work for HCCB is a testament of inclusivity.

Boost Local Searches

‘Near Me’ searches have seen a huge boost in the past few years. Giants such as Google have now started integrating local SEO into their search engine such that local businesses can benefit from such searches. The provision for a local search being in a local language is high and therefore it is important to have a business website in a local language.

Local SEO has now become a very important part of marketing and is now a great part of the strategy that any of the best website design agency in India would like to recommend to their clients. Through a localised search in a localised language makes finding any business very easy and can easily boost sales and traffic to the website.

Customer Satisfaction

With a website that has been curated for all the regions and in all languages, it automatically increases a sense of satisfaction that clients and customers enjoy. For any top business to have a reputation and be in favourable light amongst its customers is a bonus that everybody wants. In order to understand the facts, let us take the example of Mahindra Finance again. They might not be the only financial organisation but the fact that they have their website in multiple languages gives them an added bonus. In terms of experience, anyone can have a sense of satisfaction from the way the website functions and how it can be used to give a superior service.

With easier UX it also adds extra points to the agency who designs the website as they are considered as one of the best website design agencies out there. Therefore, also increasing the satisfaction of the client, which in this case is Mahindra Finance.

Boost up Sales and Conversions

The most valuable yet obvious aspect of having a website in multiple languages is that they help to boost sales and increase conversions. The idea that a multilingual website is not just a marketing tool but a very effective one at that is not one to be taken lightly. With only 12% of the Indian internet using community able to converse in English, it automatically decreases the chances of sales with only one language. However, multiple languages take into account all the users who would have otherwise missed out.

Therefore, multilingual websites are not just a way to stay ahead of the curve but are also a great way to transform traffic into sales. This is a fine aspect of marketing that needs to be understood in order to make the best of the resources available.

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In The End

Multilingual websites have come a long way in the many years of the internet. Today they form a part of many websites, especially in big businesses. In a country that speaks so many languages, the idea to have a multilingual website only adds to the benefits that a business provides to its customers.

Many of the top ui/ux design agency in India now opt to give their clients this added benefit. As we have already seen in the case of Mahindra Finance, a multilingual website increases brand value and image.

One of the top agencies in this scenario is EvolutionCo. They offer some of the best services in this category. We at EvolutionCo understand the deep prospects that digital marketing brings to the table and can make a fine addition to your business possibilities with our state of the art solutions.

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