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Need to see quick conversion from digital opt for influencer marketing. Brands have often been suggested this route by GTM experts but ever wondered where it all started?

Ever wanted to know who was the world's first influencer? A film star, tv host or Mark Zuckerberg! Guessed it wrong, it was none other than our favourite Santa Claus. The brilliant idea was first conceptualized by the 130 year old brand Coca-Cola, who decided to humanize its products through influencer marketing and introduced Santa Claus in their “Me too” campaign during 1936.

Cut to today we see a wide variety of creative use of influencers by Marketers like us. Be it launch, innovation or subject showcase, the creative ability to market anything from home has evolved and brought a huge impact in influencer marketing strategy.

Let’s break down this complex terminology and build a workable definition for easy brand adoption. While we are at it you can check out some of our work in influencer strategy in our work portfolio

What Are Influencers?

Influencers are the ones who have the ability to pursue the audiences
They may or may not have the knowledge of subject matter
They share a conversational relationship with their followers
Some consider them as experts others seek them for entertainment or to build aspiration

One common ground is they do affect the target audience’s purchase intent. Then how to synergise your business goals via influencer in demand?

Our social media experts advise,

Search for a distinct influencer that speaks your audience’s language
What they prefer, how do they talk and how do they engage in a topic of conversation
Subject matter knowledge plays a role in some cases as well
Sync your customer experience expectations with the influencer’s unique capability
Marketers believe that the audience for a particular brand is engaged and is motivated to make a purchase because of the variety of the influencers associated with a brand. Case in point LG India Mobile

While there can be a confusion between celebrities and influencers. It is very important to realize that influencer’s bring their own flair of marketing ideas on how to use the pre-existing relationship. One should not digress too far to lose out on the essence.

Different Types Of Influencers

As a brand it is important to choose the right influencer and influencer marketing ideas to market the product or service. Brands always don't need to find influencers with huge followers but the right one with great influencer marketing strategy.

There are three main categories of influencers based on followers

Micro Influencers

Influencers with under 10,000 followers. These influencers are ideal for reaching niche audiences and dedicated audiences.

Mid-Tier Influencers

These influencers have influencers between 10,000 to 250,000 followers. These influencers have an intimate and engaged audience who trust their advice. These influencers are mostly preferred by brands.

Macro Influencers

Influencers with 250,000 + followers. Youtube and Instagram celebrities fall under this category. They have the best reach, but they don't have much power as Mid tier influencers.

At EvolutionCo, we have worked with International Influencers for top International brands like Rox, Special & Lykis. Our process of selection of an influencer/influencers has been as per the key phase of the campaign with a common goal of amplification.

Influencer Marketing Strategy

Strategic Benefits

Promote without being Promotional

influencer marketing entertains consumers, solves problems and the content is relevant and believable

Influencers Boost Authority

When an expert creates content involving your brand, it is a way for them to vouch for you

Influencers Improve SEO

Content created by influencers gives you lot of mentions in the online space

Deal with any Negative Publicity

An influencer can change the negative perception to a positive one, or at least help bring it back to neutral

Hashtags Improve Discoverability

Search results display the most popular content using that hashtag first

Makes you a Content-Rich brand

More consistent you are about posting quality content, the more consumers associate with your brand

Tracking influencer marketing strategy is difficult when compared to paid ads and seo efforts. 360 degree marketing agency have come up with tracking success like :

Finding out how many people have watched an influencers video post
Engagement of audience can also be calculated through these posts
Assigning unique codes to influencers lets to see the conversion rates
Track KPIs through specific links shared with the audience.

Planning Influencer marketing strategies for 2021

Forbes says, “2021 will require flexibility and a willingness to make fast-paced changes where necessary. We see plenty of opportunity ahead for influencer marketing if firms are willing to experiment, engage and be flexible”

It is predicted that by 2022 brands will be spending $15 billion on influencer marketing and will engage with a lot more social media agencies for the same.

Trends to expect to boom in 2021

Video is the King

Any Type of Video Content will be watched

Paid amplification

Paid amplification in influencer marketing Platforms - It is becoming very valuable for reaching a qualified audience.

Short Videos to rule

These are very engaging and to the point. Short videos have become a ubiquitous trend on every platform. Instagram stories and reels have particularly gained popularity. We have seen huge success with branded, influencer created short video, tutorials and reviews.

Authenticity Important for Gen Z

As the oldest Gen Z group will be turning 24 this year, just imagine how they will shape the consumer power house? Recognizing unique characteristics of Gen Z and paying attention to their interest and being friendly is on top of the list. Quality over quantity over social media is expected and valuing each individual expression.

User Generated Content

It is the new word of mouth. Any content published by a person is reported to be outperformed by brand post.

Here’s a guide for you to plan your brand strategies, or better reach out to our experts to know more about what fits your vibe! Or even better share to brag your earned insights.

Influencer Marketing Strategy

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