Motion Graphics

To put it simply, Motion Graphics is a combination of animation or digital footage used to create the illusion of motion or rotation. Currently this technique has become one of the foremost ways for any of the top UI/UX design agencies to promote and produce a wide variety of quality content for brands, production houses, websites and creators from all over the globe.

The genesis of Motion graphics is relatively new starting from 1960 and its evolution is nothing short of a pathbreaking feat. In UX/UI Motion Graphics branding has become one of key entry points for businesses.

Why is it so important now?

Today, various types of motion graphics have taken on an insurmountable role in providing state of the art animation and making life simple for consumers and users.

Top design agencies use the aspects of motion graphics in a way that:

Establishes authority for a brand
Builds on the personality of the brand
Provide striking content
fundamentals of color theory

In an age where every aspect of our lives are driven by digital, it is important for brands to encapsulate as much information as possible in the shortest, most suitable format. This is where the greatest benefit of motion graphics lies.

A great example of this would be digital education where UX/UI plays a vital role in making learning a comprehensible, easy to grasp learning process. Use of motion graphics to enable this learning not only enhances the end user experience but also builds an easy to consume information model for sustained target users.

Branding in Motion

In all regions, brand interactions with the target audience tend to be diverse in terms of geographic location, demography, behaviour, preferred mode of communication and consumption patterns. Key to unlock the right mix would be to use the most concise form of sharing and developing information that can be easily understood by the masses.

To show you a glimpse of how UX/UI design agencies best use the principles of motion graphics to formulate a solution, check out our work done for logistics giant DHL EStore- a B2C logistics ecommerce website.

The user experience on the DHL website has been designed to gain quick customer acquisition. Key highlights included:

Use motion graphics to instill trust and to show capability in a mobile responsive environment
Visual first approach, with limited content to drive user navigation
A customised action driven navigation that enables better returns to engagement

Another masterclass in motion graphics has been provided by us, is in providing a systematic look into the Godrej’s talent acquisition microsite, Godrej Loud.

Godrej Loud was a platform for young minds in the B-Schools of India to provide innovative solutions to social and technological problems. Through a simple and sustainable design, they have made sure that it is a hassle free experience. This is one of the foremost examples in motion graphics branding.

Multiverse of Motion Graphics

We know how motion graphics can add depth to the story that a brand/company wants to showcase to the consumer, however another vital characteristic includes the ability to break down very complex information.

Multiverse of Motion Graphics

Some of the simple ways of using this capability is through

Short Videos
Small forms of Animation
Website titles
Movies and Television

to provide concise information rather than a wall of words. All the best web design agencies use this to turn the intricacies of information into a very methodical way to use communication to lure in customers, viewers and to drive business objectives.

The Road Ahead

The road to a seamless and engaging objective driven experience goes via the town of motion graphics. Agencies such as EvolutionCo have now undertaken that path to become one of the best agencies in the principles of motion graphics to help brands reach out to a wide number of audience and customers. Whether it is B2B or B2C creative solutions embodying motion graphics branding are paving the way of experiential design.

You can view several uses of motion graphics that some of the best brands have been using by clicking here. You can also write to us to seek support on how to implement the same to your brand/company.

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