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When we think about SEO, we only think google. And the rankings of the searches. However a website is not only the place where you will be selling your products. If you have a product page on Amazon, you will want your product to appear on top of the list when searched right? Best digital marketing agencies have been excelling in Amazon SEO strategy that will bring your products on top.

Everyday millions of shoppers search for relevant products, features or names on Amazon, to find the right fit. As a seller and entrepreneur it is necessary to understand how SEO works on Amazon to bridge the gap between seller and buyers. In our quick guide, we explain how to improve seo on amazon using amazon seo strategy

Every seller today has an amazon page which in turn means cut throat competition and many sellers vying for customer attention. In this environment all you want to do is to be found by the right customer. This is where amazon seo strategy comes in place to lift your product listing and show you as a credible option in the search.

Medium - Amazon SEO

However, Amazon SEO is far different from a normal Search Algorithm which is usually based on intent, originality of content and many other factors. Amazon has its own unique seo algorithm. This works differently than any other algorithm in surfacing results. Commonly known as the Amazon A9 algorithm, the capability is a boon for enabling organic conversions on this vast platform.

What is the Amazon A9 algorithm?

It is the brainchild of a subsidiary of the platform that manages search and advertising technologies that are highly valuable and cross platform to the parent company Amazon. The bottom line of the company is to sell efficiently to millions of its customers across the world.

Amazon A9 algorithm

Amazon's A9 algorithm enables search and ranking of a product or listing on Amazon. The algorithm is designed to rank findings amongst millions of searches on Amazon by purchase likelihood. The algorithm upon search scans through categories followed by product details, sales, description, review and rating that are better than others.

The Amazon A9 Algorithm comes down to two factors for Amazon search.


Optimizing your amazon seo algorithm with these two factors will let you convert more selling on site.

Acing the Relevance Game

Acing the Relevance Game

You can optimize your amazon page by using relevant keywords and optimize your content.

Optimize your product title

The most important element of the amazon seo is the product title. Adding most relevant keywords in your product title is important while listing your product.

Bulletin your product description

It is important to highlight the key features and benefits of your product in bulletin. Your bulletins should not exceed more than 200 characters and avoid repeating words, plagiarism and copy pasting description from your website.

Product Price

The amount you charge for your product significantly impacts your Amazon conversion rate. Comparing prices with similar products in the same category can affect your conversion rate. If many products in the same category are selling for the price less than yours that Amazon algorithm will prejudge that you will not likely sell as others.

Product Image

Uploading good quality high resolution images is a must. Don't add wrong or images that will have copyright issues. A trust adding element that reflects the appearance of the product.

Customer Reviews & Ratings

Reviews and ratings influence the customers' buying decisions. Few hygiene factors which you can follow are, Ask buyers to drop reviews on your product page. Connect with unsatisfied customers and solve the issue.

Amazon SEO

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Successful Amazon SEO comes from knowing its algorithm and what it wants from you as a seller. Your product page can be optimized with different strategies for your listing. Try using these points and let us know how it has worked for you. We’d love to hear about your results. Do feel free to share this guide to anyone who will benefit this.

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