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Globally, the ECommerce industry is set to reach the milestone of $4 Trillion worldwide. With a rapid boom of businesses spreading online, India is not far behind either. The India ECommerce segment is set for a boom of 1200% by the year 2026. It is understandable that the hype surrounding ECommerce has spread to India as well. With the rise of giants such as Flipkart and Myntra, home grown Indian Ecommerce has seen a real hit. There was already a huge tussle between the giants Amazon and Walmart to acquire the Indian company Flipkart, in which Walmart came out on top. With India being the largest market for smartphones in the world, the plethora of app based and web based ecommerce platforms has taken a huge boost. Any ecommerce website development will now look to develop the Indian market as it is also the fastest growing ecommerce market.

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There are a lot of reasons as to why businesses are investing in ecommerce website development services and looking at a more agile business model through it. The idea that the world is now transcending towards a digital friendly environment where most services and products are preferred to be bought and availed online has made businesses aware of the importance of ecommerce. The availability of everything under the sun in one platform and to shop from the convenience of home has made the world a smaller place.

Entry into the service industry

One might argue that the service industry is one of the hardest industries to get into when it comes to e-commerce. The idea that every service cannot be sold online is a massive argument that critics of e-commerce have always made. However, that is not the case. Let us take the age-old example of Amazon. While product selling still constitutes a major portion of Amazon’s business. It is still very capable of providing services by its Amazon Prime programme with which it has ventured into music streaming and video streaming platforms. Amazon Music and Amazon Prime Videos, may not be as popular as Netflix or Spotify. But they certainly have helped the e-commerce giants into exploring the service industry.

While we dived into creating Ecommerce solutions for top brands, a big challenge was placed on EvolutionCo to create a Ecommerce platform for IoT opportunities in the B2B market. Tata IoT B2B Ecommerce website was designed to cater to the rising need for IoT technology. To build a robust system to collaborate IoT businesses across the globe. The platform achieved sustainable online sales and was continuing to grow dramatically in the Indian market.

Another major reason that services are preferred online is also because of the wide array of options that they provide. From food delivery to getting a spa at home, everything is now just a click away. Imagine a scenario where one might be at home, getting a pedicure at home, eating from their favourite pizza place while binge watching their favourite Netflix show. The foray of e-commerce in the service industry has given rise to start-ups such as Urban Clap and Swiggy.

ecommerce website development has become a major aspect of the digital marketing industry. Whether it is a service or a product, every company wants to have their product sold via their own website or app. It is no surprise that companies in India have latched onto this opportunity as well with various ecommerce platform development agencies in India having an expertise in ecommerce development, even for the service industry.

Benefits of E-Commerce in the Service Industry

The transitions and transformations have already been talked about. But one thing that remains to be seen is how the industry is benefiting from e-commerce. The benefits do not differ largely from what the usual benefits are. There are certain factors that are common in e-commerce that do not withstand what industry a business falls into.

The first benefit is that e-commerce is low maintenance. What would otherwise seem absurd is actually true in the case of e-commerce. It often only requires a website. There are a number of e-commerce platforms that provide various services with just a website. Websites can usually be outsourced and they are handled very systematically by ecommerce website development services at minimal cost.

Benefits of E-Commerce in the Service Industry

Faster expansion is also a major aspect of using e-commerce to provide services. Often one platform can be expanded to a number of different services being offered. The case of Amazon is one such case again. What started out with the sell of books has now grown into a multi-billion dollar business in a number of countries across the globe. The system is simple. The first and foremost thing to do is to have a platform. The expansion process can then automatically begin after a few years.

In India the case can also be made for DHL. The logistics company has now entered the ecommerce industry with electronic delivery services. The convenience of these services has been simple and easy to use on their website. Designed by our experts the solution curates a positive Mobile Ecommerce User Experience with specific usability capsules to formulate an interactive and efficient website. The purposes of the website have been designed to solve any logistical problem, whether it is the sending and receiving of small goods to larger, more heavy goods.

The DHL website is a prime example of how ecommerce has invaded the service industry and has brought about changes to it. In an era where door-to-door service is first in any consumer’s mind, DHL India has innovated the service industry with help from one of the best ecommerce platform development agency in India.

The Future is Bright

The world in 2020 is very different to what it was ten years ago. Sectors which were more conventional and traditional such as banking, education and travel have all gone online. Every bank presents its users online services to sell and present its services. Education and the demands from the education industry has helped it to go into a more digital and electronic route than ever before. The Covid-19 pandemic has added fuel to the fire by forcing the hand of the education industry.

It is a step in the right direction that e-commerce has now been accepted as the constant format for providing any service or product. There is a constant boom in the market, not because of the perks it provides, but also because the ecommerce website development companies India have gained massive knowledge in this respect. The boom of e-commerce in the service industry comes as no surprise to those who know how to make the most of it. Every business is now eager to jump on the bandwagon.

So without any further ado let us get started with taking your business online. EvolutionCo has been partnering with several businesses and has supported them with their ecommerce platforms, check out our work and reachout to us.

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