Simplifying The Process of Billing
For RSA Service Providers

Provider Billing System For
Allianz Worldwide- A Leading BFSI Expert


Dealing with a large number of service providers at the same time makes it difficult for the company to correctly channelize their mass billing process with accurate efficiency and transparency.


Hassle-free billing system, systematic maintenance of case records at one place, personalized dashboards, and quick access to all relevant information were the key focus areas that needed to be modified to establish an uncomplicated working system.


The portal had a seamless billing process that took users from step one of creating an RSA case to the final step of receiving payment. Multiple functionalities made it possible to track the bills and check the status of each. And, handling many cases and billing was made easy on the platform.

Service providers were happy partners with Allianz.


Information On Your Fingertips

A personalised dashboard that brings forward critical points to the user, summarizing their past actions and providing relevant information.

Transparency & Efficiency

The information required to close the case is transparent to all the users working on the case and hence the coordination and feedback process is simplified.


Filtering Through Cases

When users have a large list of insurance coverage cases, the filter helps prioritize the cases based on approval status, payment status, dates and more.


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