Bom Clair Women's Skincare Product Website

Bom Clair
Website Revamp

No digital presence for a leading skincare brand Bom Clair

Creating a website that could load with poor internet on mobiles.

Breaking down the language barrier since the audience in Angola mainly spoke Portuguese.


Identifying key elements in Bom Clair’s traditional marketing to build the digital identity.

Optimizing the website for quick-loading.

Ensuring the website had an easy UX & UI.


A digital showcase synonym to brand was created

The website has a vibrant colour scheme with orange as the brand colour.

The User Flow is smooth and easy with various interactive elements.

A mobile-first approach ensured quick-loading and easy use on mobile.

Making the website in two language - English and Portuguese.

Multipurpose Multipurpose

Design that Speaks to Women

With a minimalistic design approach with a warm and pleasant color scheme, connected to women with positive beauty beliefs.


Know Good, Do Better, Feel Your Best

With interactive elements, we partner your problems with personalized solutions. Discover the best skin treatment and how to go about in a few clicks.

The Voices of Bom Clair

Led by Zuleica Wilson, former Miss Angola 2013, amazing women share stories of their Bom Clair experience on the website, thus establishing a sense of brand affinity.

Multipurpose Multipurpose

Communicating Colloquially and Universally

A duo lingual website (English-Portuguese) was created that connected with the local audience too.

Map your way to the nearest Bom Clair store

Finding a Bom Clair store is just a click away with an interactive map and find skin care tips on the blog section.

Multipurpose Multipurpose

What’s new Under One Umbrella

From events to social media posts, find out what’s happening at Bom Clair.

Lets Evolve

Discover how together we can change the world and grow your business, drop in a message and we will connect.