Making Overseas
Remittance Easier

DCB Remit's Utility Driven Customer Website

DCB Remit
Banking Function

Complicated remittance process

User interface not optimised for ideal user engagement

Users should be able to register and login in quickly

Answer all queries so users don’t have to call customer services for transactional communication


Restructured the website architecture for easy access to relevant information

Give the website a minimal design with easy user flow

Build a one-click transfer remittance process

Move away from a highly technical communication to a fluid seamless utility driven


Using illustrative art and vibrant colours, the website created a strong emotional connection

Increase in the number of registered users

Higher conversion rate for visitors due to the simplified process

Fewer queries on how to use the platform

Multipurpose Multipurpose

Easier, Faster & More Secure Remittance

DCB Remit enables customers to transfer remittance across borders. The website was designed to be warm and heartfelt and capture the emotions of loved ones sending across funds.

Transfer Money With A Single Click

The user flow is designed for a hassle-free one click transfer. While, the information design provides all the necessary data like exchange rate and transfer fee.


A Personalized Dashboard For Swift Transactions

Multiple features in the dashboard like quick transfer, account summary, adding beneficiaries, and status tracker help users track their remittance transfers.


Visual Communication That Connects

Mobile Responsive design and graphical representation of Information using iconography and illustrative designs created a pragmatic connection with the users.


Building Trust And Credibility With Customers

A very honest and transparent form of communication ensures trust is built with users. Open testimonials from customers offer reliable statements on the DCB Remit experience.


Easy Registration and Quick Login In

A 3 step sign up process makes it simple for new customers to join. And, once registered, logging in is a simple step.

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