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Website Revamp

DHL’s existing website was unable to generate leads due to an outdated user experience and design style An internal audit of the e-commerce platform revealed that customers spent close to 7.5 minutes to fill out shipping details

Important links like Ship Online and Track Shipment were not provided upfront to customers

Deals and offers were not optimally marketed on the website

To get a quote for shipment, customers were expected to click 7 times before reaching a lead form without ever getting a quote

The lead management system lacked ability to serve its core objective


Create a brand new e-commerce platform for DHL e-store that complied with the best practices of the e-commerce industry

The study of insights helped us create a convenient path for customer usage and engagement

A Communication Strategy by using an unique style of design that was represented with visual assets and customized elements that highlighted the services that they offer

Developing a unique design style with visual assets and customised elements

Shorten the effort by the user and highlight brand services


An effortless shipping experience they were looking for in quick steps

A robust lead management system helped DHL track qualified leads and better their conversion rate through the platform

The user was able to find a solution in quick steps without filling exhaustive forms

A mobile interface allowed user to use the platform on the go

Growth in ratio of completed sales

Easy Shipping, Improved lead tracking leading to a Happy Customer

Multipurpose Multipurpose

Parallel Uniformity

Synchronized across all devices and interactive interfaces that build user intrigue and develop brand connection.


Bringing home emotions

We set-up an online store exclusively for topical occasions like Diwali, Rakshabandhan, Season of Mangoes, etc. This store functions as a one-stop-shop for customers to ship gifts to their loved ones.


Worth The Weight

We brought the ‘Get a Quote’ button to the homepage. This primary objective of a user is now answered in only 6 steps as compared to the multifold steps earlier. With the help of an integrated Lead Management system the CRM team at DHL were able to track leads from e-store.


Decoding The Complex

We devised an improved shipping form by trimming down multiple steps for the user. The new user-centered design system is self-explanatory and comprehensible for any first time visitor.


The guiding force

The ‘How to Page’ is a value-added set of function that guides the customers to understand the steps better with simple clicks.

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