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JMFL Wealth Management Dashboard
For UHNI & HNI Clientele

JMFL Website Management
Portfolio Management, Application

HNI & UHNI were given wealth reports in an excel template

Users were unable to draw qualitative analysis due to big data representation

Reports were not designed with a mobile first approach


Workflow/visualization for better data understanding

We created a portal that dealt with the user’s pain areas

Simplify the complex information for user types- HNIs & their wealth managers

Have systematic, organized and secured data

Create a mobile app for users on-the-go


An easy user workflow that helps users to find relevant information quickly

Data visualization that enables better investment assessment

Multiple graphical representations were made to draw insightful data on the go

Easy access to JMFL advisors so users can make better decisions

Happy customers who appreciate simplified data

Security layers to keep user’s data safe

The entire experience could be downloaded and shared on the go

jmfl-Wealth jmfl-Wealth

Personalized Investment Insights

Our redesign transformed the JMFL platform from basic excel sheets to visualized data representation. The data presentation was systematic, well-structured and simple

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Numbers made Fun, Structured and Colourful

Data is presented on a dashboard that breaks up big data in an organized and simplified structure. The usage of vibrant colours creates a hierarchy of vital information for users to see.

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Plug into the Investment Growth

Real-time updates allow users to stay updated and make the best decision for their investment portfolios. A Get in Touch CTA is always visible so users can connect with JMFL’s consultants.

They will help analyze the data and point users to the best direction for their investment.

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Bringing Investments to One Place

By linking accounts, users can easily manage their family or business portfolios. This functionality helps users and their family members handle many accounts at once, under layers of security and data encryption.

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