A Digital Universe Made
for Definite Men

Product Website For A Leading Men's
Grooming Brand - ROX

Website Development

A low-online presence meant Rox didn’t have a digital brand identity

With over 50 products in the portfolio, there was a need to showcase each product uniquely and build customer intrigue

Identify the ways brand could connect with the audiences-visually & tonality

The experience needed to be optimized for all devices and bandwidths


Building Rox’s digital identity as the epitome of men’s grooming

Use vibrant colours and stylish fonts to build aspirational quotient

Creating a site hierarchy so users could quickly find the product they wanted based on 6 categories.

Making the website a go to grooming hub for men.

Optimizing the website for with mobile first approach


The strong digital brand identity had a strong appeal to men.

Features like category-based navigation enhanced the user flow.

Mobile responsiveness approach made it easy to use on phones.

Website was made in 2 languages of English and Portuguese.

Multipurpose Multipurpose

Unlocking The Rox Spirit

A holistic space designed to help men discover their unique identity and choose Rox products that suited their persona and use.

Powerful Visualisation And Bold Design

The bold design of Rox showcased real men with vibrant colours that gave the brand an energetic & masculine style.


Your Personal Grooming Ritual

Find your Match is an interactive feature that creates a fun and engaging user experience. Visitors can find Rox products based on their fashion style and need.

Deep Dive Into Rox Grooming

Every product had a dedicated landing page that offered elaborate product details like ingredients and variant types.


Customer Personas Follow a Unique User Flow

The user flow is mapped according to the 5 customer personas identified. This way, visitors find what they are looking for quickly.


Talks In Two Languages

With a major Portuguese speaking audience based in Angola, the Rox website offered two language options of English and Portuguese.

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