Transformation of the Legacy Network to a Customized,
Secure and Automated Self-Service Portal

TCL SD WAN - Automated Service Portal

Tata Communications Ltd.

Create API integration to the legacy system

Reduce Turnaround Time

Simplify system architecture

Numerous data points to be mapped on the portal


Simplify complex system architecture to make the process more relevant to the user

An improved process for a better customer transaction

Concise the huge user database to resolve issues quickly

Eradicate manual intervention in the process


Reduction of turnaround time

A process of 2 hours now done in seconds

Highly secure transactions

Improved monitoring

Multiple activities like- Customer onboarding, mapping, profile with application creation, and site association


Smoothen The Edges

We added a simplified approach that takes only 4 clicks to place a request. This outsmarted the previously used manual activation by manifolds.


The Journey Within

The automated user onboarding process helps us to upload the historic data of a user that enables a familiar start for the user on the portal

Multipurpose TCL-Sdwan

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