Harvesting a paradigm shift
for Agrochem solutions

UPL Maconzeb Guided Information Driven
Website For The Agrochem Seller

United Phosphorus Limited
Mancozeb Microsite Website

A need to build an authentic digital communication that bursts myths around the use of chemicals in agriculture

Educating the audience about healthy chemical use

Build a sales proposition through trustworthy brand positioning


Build a distinguished communication strategy to make the value offering more relatable and engaging

Create a unique platform that educates the audience about various agro chem solutions and their benefits

A dynamic design style to break the impression of agro-based technical communication.

Unique features like region-specific product finder to enhance user engagement


Increased web traffic and lowered bounce rate

Enhanced engagement with the existing users

A shift in tonality from the utility-based long-form conversation

Created an exemplary communication approach for industry best practices

Built a dynamic platform for further enhancements in the future, if required


Dig Into It

The simplified visual representation of the search filter helps the consumer find the products based on the desired region. UPL operates in multiple locations of the world and the same is presented for the user to filter products.

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