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To incorporate the latest UX design trends to your current solution, It is imperative we need to understand that User Experience is a vital part of marketing. UX framework of any solution is not only a direct contributor to conversions and revenue, but also a key influence on formulating overall users sentiments towards a brand or a product. Every new technological advancement has the potential to transform the way people experience the world around them, which in turn creates some major challenges and opportunities for today’s UX designers. We had our expert team put up all the UX latest trends for you to keep your design skills ready for the year 2021. Let's get started!

Catching Up on Trends

Trends are often determined to be a reaction to a previous style. Whether that’s swaying from maximalism to minimalism, or colorful to monochrome, trends by their very nature focus on short termism rather than the larger picture. They also tend to be cyclical, meaning across design industries, a trend is likely to come back around at some point, in some form. Here goes the UX latest trends and UX design best practices that today’s designers should be aware of to dominate the market.

UX Design Trends

Trend 1: Inclusive Design

Users have specific needs that usually are overseen with other UX design processes. Inclusive design is a design methodology that enables and draws on the full range of human diversity. In 2021, we need to optimize products, services or environments for a specific user within the full range of human diversity with specific needs.

Inclusive Design

Trend 2: MotionSense Technology

When visuals are stronger than words. In 2021, according to UX design best practices, motions, animations and transitions should help designs engage with the users by:

Aiding navigation and usability
Telling a compelling brand story
Creating a more meaningful UX

Trend 3: The Rise of Product Ops

We suggest this to establish a seamless experience between the research data and design solutions. This particular trend mediates between the product teams, sales and marketing, business stakeholders, and the end user. In 2021, Product Ops can help to navigate that tricky space between the users, the product, and the business goals—essentially easing the load for existing product teams. Here is a great example of ecommerce UX design best practices that we created for DHL using the same sensibility.

The Rise of Product Ops

Trend 4: The UX Audit

The UX Audit

In 2021, the growing demand for UX audits can offer a fresh perspective to the designers - the key decision-maker who needs to understand the primary user before making decisions. We at EvolutionCo utilise multiple UX audit principles to build the best digital solution. To book an audit today click here.

Trend 5: Voice Technology

This is one of the most anticipated changes and it is crucial to enable human-computer interaction to have a natural conversation with computers, as they would with each other. Voice Technology helps converse coherently and engagingly with humans on a range of current events and popular topics. In 2021, we should make sure that the lines between genuine human interactions and smart assistants as tools don’t get blurred.

Voice Technology

Trend 6: Storytelling

Old is always gold, don't you agree? Stories make sense of our world and to share that understanding with others. Storytelling forges connections among people, and between people and ideas. Stories convey the culture, history, and values that unite people. You can see how we chose the storytelling approach while making the user experience design process for HCCB. In 2021, working with brands to design products that actually tell a story opens up a relatively new niche.


Trend 7: UX Writing

Do you ask now what is that? Copy is a crucial part of the overall user experience and must be taken seriously to meet UX design principles and best practices. UX writing is all about enticing a user with the offerings while making it an interactable journey throughout. In 2021, we should ensure a product is designed with a clear and consistent content strategy in mind highlighted with “present tense + active voice”.

UX Writing

Trend 8: Device-Agnostic Experiences

UX designers should allow the freedom and flexibility, rather than limiting users to individual devices. Device-Agnostic Experiences allows users to flit easily from smartphone to laptop and back again. In 2021, there is a growing demand for the user journey that can pass through different touchpoints (smartphone, laptop, smart speaker, smart watch…) without any friction.

Device-Agnostic Experiences

Trend 9: Meaningful Value

Make sure that your design approach is shifting towards meaning and narrative rather than emotion and sensation. Gestalt Theory - whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Solving a business problem with design helps relook at the company’s wellbeing. In 2021, social impact is gaining momentum in UX latest trends and what the company represents while doing its job is as important as the quality of the products or services they provide.

We have noticed that to follow the UX design best practices for 2021, you must offer a blended experience and build a wholesome experience for the user. Here is another example of how we blended the UX principles to create a great website for Lykis. Study and utilize the minute details added in our checklist to liven up the experience for your visitors and end users.

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